"In order to create change, we must think change"


Think Before You Shoot is a 501(c)3 organization that encourages individuals to think before they participate in an act of violence and take responsibility for their actions. We want to restore the value of life into the youth along with providing them with the confidence to control their success and believe in themselves. TB4YS  will take this approach through the usage of film making, youth outreach programs, school seminars, community events and mentor ship programs.

Created by President and Writer Anthony J. Sturdivant



Has gun-violence affected your life in anyway? Do you know anyone who has lost their life to gun-violence by becoming a victim or by becoming the perpetrator? Let's not continue to sit back and watch this epidemic unfold in our communities. Please join our movement and get involved with the spreading of this important message. Donate, join mailing list, schedule school seminars and more.

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Film Series

With entertainment, social media, video platforms and digital media being a huge component in today's society, we created a film series to bring awareness to gun-violence prevention. The films are also used to educate and inspire individuals to use their creative voices. Films are appropriate for all ages and have been shown around many youth programs, elementary and high schools, and universities in Chicago.

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