With tragic incidents happening across the world involving different races, police officers and community struggles from gun-violence and incidents resulting to the murder of innocent people, there seem to be a question on rather or not racism still exist? But, in 2017 you would think that those days were well behind us. You would think that with so much change in the world that different races would find that we have so much in common. 

Well, there are two interracial friends who have a bond as if they were brothers, they never viewed one another as if one life mattered more or as if one didn't understand where the other come from. Together they just felt as if they were brothers from another mother.  

Unfortunately, by being an officer of the law or having white privileges and advantages, they tend to use their badge or color as a way to bail them out with many excuses that still doesn't justify their actions. So when these people know they have a great chance of walking away after taking an innocent black life, they then go around living and feeling as if they are above the law. So how do we express to the world that Black Lives Matter? Stay updated on Think Before You Shoot "Above The Law".