Think Before You Shoot is a short film series dedicated to the senseless shootings affecting our communities.

Each #TB4YS film magnifies the importance of thinking before participating in the act of gun violence.

The series intentions are not to preach down on individuals but too encourage the possible perpetrators to think before they shoot.

It also allows the viewers to connect visually and emotionally so that they too will spread the message and help make a change.

There are different situations, emotions, and results that will leave the audience not only touched enough to share the message but to also leave them anticipating more.

Growing up it's easy to be influenced by the things and people around you when it's all you see or hear. With guns and violence being in music, videos, movies, TV shows, the news, being glorified in conversations and by people in the streets it's only so much you can take before you gain the sudden interest in firearms. 

Think Before You Shoot short films written/produced by creator Anthony J. Sturdivant. Directed by Mudwing Media (1-3), Sanicole Young (4), Open World Films (5 & 6). We also want to thank all of the cast members who have participated in this award winning series.

We want to thank Leon Kelsick and MudWingMedia for directing and animating Think Before You Shoot 1-3 as well as for the animation in Think Before You Shoot 4.

We want to thank Will Gates, KB and Open World Films for directing Think Before You Shoot 5 "The Right To Carry" and Think Before You Shoot 6 "The Lifestyle".