Verbal Communication
The program demanded full participation from the youth as they were engaged with the different activities. Students asked questions to deepen and clarify one's understanding when listening to others. They were able to seek input to engage others' understanding of the message. As a result it became a Community Learning experience in which teens helped teens understand their ideas.

During the program students were assigned many activities that required group work and participation in order to complete their tasks. Together they were able to encourage one another's ideas, opinions, and contributions of others, leveraging individual strengths. They provided feedback in a manner that is respectful to others' situation and feelings.

Creative Leaders
During the program the students were able to become creative leaders. They required minimal supervision to complete their tasks in which they attempted to complete independently before asking for help. They followed directions as required by the situation and they were able to take their ideas and transform them into reality.

Hands On Learning
Throughout the course these teens strive to overcome barriers while learning something new. Majority of their assignments required hands on learning as they were experiencing ways to write and visualize what they see. They were able to apply existing/newly acquired knowledge, skills, and strategies that determines to be useful for achieving goals.

Building Community
During the program Anthony had the opportunity to build an emotionally and physically safe space for the youth to learn and develop as individuals. The interactive workshops, field trips and cooperative learning provided an excellent way to nurture youth leadership, build community, and keep things fun. They were able to build friendships and respect for one another.

Instructor / Teens Relationship
Over the course of the program Anthony and the teens were able to build a positive relationship with one another. By doing so, they were able to create a space where the teens could trust one another as well as the adult they worked with. These strong connections made it easier for the teens to feel comfortable learning new skills or taking on new responsibilities.

Program Outcome
Teens finished with the confidence to express themselves as well as the key skills to create their own form of positive change in their lives and in their community. They were able to walk away with communication skills that helped them not only come up with creative ideas but visually get them out for the world to see