Think Before You Shoot Youth Outreach Programs

Creator Anthony J. Sturdivant developed a platform for these students to share their experiences and inspirations. The Student Outreach Programs started as film viewing and interactive discussion on their messages. With continued student interest, Sturdivant created a semester long creative writing and visual arts curriculum. This course gives the students the tools and confidence that their decisions and actions can make a positive change for them and their community.

2 – Hour Interactive Seminar

#TB4YS and President Anthony J. Sturdivant begins each presentation with an introduction on himself and how he discovered his passion and the journey it is leading him to. Anthony then starts the seminar by showing one of the film(s) along with an introduction on what Think Before You Shoot mission is and why he started the movement. After viewing the films, students begin sharing their thoughts on the films, point of view on life, and how they feel about gun violence. In this open discussion, Sturdivant pushes them to uncover the many messages associated within each film. There are extra credit assignments with questions on a sheet of paper passed out for the students to answer and write about in regards to the presentation. Each seminar is met with great enthusiasm and drives home the importance of both education and self-education, success, life-lessons and confidence, that like Sturdivant, they can create change. 

12 – Week Creative Writing Seminar

The 12-week #TB4YS Creative Writing Seminar provides students with the ability to express themselves creatively through writings and the arts. Using his stories as a model, Sturdivant teaches the students to use their own experiences, inspirations and fears to create compelling and thought-provoking writing. Each week the students learn different writing techniques from journalism to screenwriting. By expanding these techniques, the students develop their critical thinking, improvisation, and overall communication skills. After the writing component, the students share not only their stories with the class, but present how they would bring this story to life utilizing technology. This presentation provides another level of conceptualization as well as the realization that they have the tools to produce a film, report on a major news story, or compose a song.

GoalS of the PrograMS

The goalS of the TB4YS Student Outreach ProgramS is to inspire the youth to become successful and to provide students with capabilities and belief anything is possible. Sturdivant is a positive example to students that there are choices in life and with those choices come consequences and rewards. This program gives students a fundamental communication and technology skills to take into life and higher education. They finish with the confidence to express themselves and key skills to create their own form of positive change in their lives and in the community.

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