White Roles

Andrew "Drew" McDonald - a teenager (15-17), athletic, nicely dressed (urban), influenced by the black culture, quiet. Andrew is a kid who can't seem to fit in, he grew up highly interested in the black culture so his white classmates don't associate with him and the few black kids at the school don't take him serious. As a result Andrew is discouraged from being himself so he's isolated until he meet his best friend Christopher who quickly gives him the confidence he need to be whomever he wants to be.

Young Andrew McDonald - a kid (9-11), energetic, influenced by the black culture. Young Andrew will be very expressive of his liking for black athletes like Russell "Beastbrook" Westbrook, Kyrie "Uncle Drew" Irving, James "The Beard" Harden and LeBron "King" James. He will also be into the music with artists like Chance The Rapper, Drake, Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar. The only problem with all this is that his mother disapproves and he doesn't agree with Andrew's interests.

John McDonald - an adult (mid-late 30's), very stuck in his old ways, strict, rather be at work or gone than be at home, met his wife in their early college days but has slowly become more controlling distancing his relationship with his family. John was raised by parents who were older and in the days where slavery, racism, segregation and much more was still publicly accepted so he was raised with that mentality. John was never considerate of other people outside of his race, he was considered a bigot by those who have encountered with him. Never being a part of his son daily activities and expressing disappointment in his son's interest in black culture, he doesn't know much about his life outside of the home. With all that being said he still couldn't imagine life without his family. 

Katherine Allen-McDonald - an adult (mid-late 30's), mother of Andrew, wife of John, dress nice, working woman, very supportive of her son, sweet heart who has love for everyone. She's married with one child by her husband but, with him working a lot she has to take care of Andrew when it comes to extracurricular activities. By doing so, she has the opportunity to see her son's interest more which she fully supports. She becomes friends of his best friend's mother after meeting at their basketball games, she buys the clothes, shoes and entertainment that he desires.

Brian Phillips - an adult (mid-late 20's), rookie officer, young features, cool and innocent man looking to actually help better the communities. Thomas grew up with parents who were respectful of everyone no matter race, age group, religion, background, it didn't matter and John was taught the same. Of course he grew up in a middle class area which was also somewhat diverse allowing Thomas to build friendships with different races. When he witnessed a close friend let the streets get the best of him and ultimately getting killed a few years back he decided he would be devoted to helping these kids so they won't become the same misguided black kid his friend became. 

Black Roles

Christopher "Lil' Chris" Williams Jr. - a teenager (15-17), athletic, well mannered, and smart, protective, still has his street persona, well dressed, conscious mindset, dreams of success and moving his family out of the hood. Christopher grew up living in the low-income community but his mother always made him go to school outside of the area. This was her way of exposing her son to different cultures and opportunities to develop outside of his environment. But it's impossible to know everything your kid does when you're not around, so Christopher also lived two different lifestyles in order to make it in his situation. He still had to live in the hood so he had to survive the streets but he had to go to the school in the suburbs so he also had to adjust so he won't be viewed as a threat or a kid who is less fortunate than the others. With that he was able to be both book smart and street smart with the athleticism to be the star of the basketball team.

Young Christopher Williams Jr - a kid (9-11), high interest in playing basketball, very respectful, well mannered, smart and it usually keep him out of getting in trouble when he does something influenced by his older brother. Young Christopher will be dedicated to asking thoughtful questions, learning more and wanting to grow up and be a athlete who starts his own businesses. He is also big on wanting to help people when he get rich.

Latrell "Trell" Williams - a young adult (19-21), brother of Christopher, the son of Big Christopher, he just want to make some money, selling drugs on the block, cool with Tyshaun, hard headed, trouble maker. Latrell grew up with his mother after her and his father separated. With her being a single mom parent she never had the man around to be the father figure her said needed. He grew up in the hood and his mother worked so much she couldn't focus on raising him which became more difficult as he became a teenager. Latrell is enrolled in community college but he's forced because of his probation requirement.

Ebony Robinson - a woman (mid thirties), the mother of Lil' Chris, girlfriend of Big Chris, very supportive of her son when it comes to education and athletics, hard working, down to earth and a conscious mindset. Ebony is a woman that grew up with both parents in her life but they were separated by the time she was 16. Though they continued to do a great job with co-parenting her mother made sure she rasie her daughter to be self-conscious and mindful of the fact that she can be great if she focused on herself. But as she got older growing up in a street environment she still had an attraction for street guys which is how she ended up with Christopher.

Christopher "Big Chris" Williams - a man (mid-late thirties), the father of Christopher and Latrell, former highly ranker basketball player growing up, ultimately let an injury and the streets get the best of him, has two kids, one before he met his current girlfriend and also the mother of his kid. Big Chris is a very supportive father when it comes to his son playing sports but not too much of anything else because he's working a lot in order to help change his past. He had to take is oldest son in with him because he was too much of a problem for a single parent mother and he was becoming another product of the streets like his father.

Tyshaun "T' Fly" - a man (late twenties, early thirties), grew up getting money with some of the old schools, stay fly, always dressed matching from top to bottom, laid back, cool, big homie to those on the block, nice females, has his own "work". Tyshaun grew up with hustlers in his family so it was in him to do the same accept he started at a young age. He started off just selling drugs but he was the freshest person on the block; kids and adults. As he started to grow up the older people who was giving him game started getting killed or going to jail so he moved up in the game but he lost a lot of his ways.



All ages / All Genders / Any ethnicity

  • extras will be needed for scenes on the block in Lil' Chris community.
  • extras will be needed for protests.
  • extras needed for high school students.