Think Before You Shoot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that implements short films to emphasis attention on how one person’s decision can prevent gun violence. Its mission is to visually connect with people through films, youth outreach programs, school seminars, community and youth events and mentor ship programs. Some of our many goals focus on educating the youth on life lessons that includes the importance of thinking, decision making, anger management, peer pressure, and most importantly gun violence.

The overall objective of the organization is to encourage the youth to become creative leaders, installing the confidence to believe in themselves, control their success, become self-educated and finding your passion. Violence is highlighted too often in this world so we want to  stimulate anything else that will help elevate their minds into thinking change and self-empowerment. It's important that we restore the value of life into the individuals who are misguided and in belief that it just don't get any better.

“As a retired teacher and counselor in CPS, I know how extremely important your movies can be in helping young people. The rewind portions can be especially important since they give students as well as the actor’s chances to see that there are alternatives to pulling that trigger. I hope that it will be possible for every upper grade and high school student in CPS to have an opportunity to experience your films.

Thank you for your work. I hope it will achieve the success it deserves.”
— Marilyn Donovan

“Another truly powerful video on a heart-wrenching subject. Beautifully done, Anthony you are an incredibly gifted filmmaker and may the message you’re communicating get out there and into the hearts and minds of all. This message is such an important one. Day after day we hear of people getting gunned down in acts of violence which numb the soul. You handle this epidemic of violence so beautifully in your films. Congratulations on another stunningly well done piece of work.”
— Chicago's own WGN News meteorologist Tom Skilling on the release of Think Before You Shoot 2.