Think Before You Shoot's creative writing and media arts program is a semester long after school program that  provides the youth with the resources, tools and skills to creatively express themselves through writings while giving them the confidence to visually get their ideas out like Anthony did. TB4YS focus is to :

  • help develop more leaders
  • help give the kids a voice
  • help them cope with some of the disappointments, anger and issues revolved around their lives

We work on different writing techniques from:

  • journalism
  • public service announcements
  • graphic novels
  • spoken words and more.

After coming up with their writings the following day is dedicated to them actually presenting their ideas either in front of the class or on camera so that they can learn how to pitch and sell ideas. This also allows them to get comfortable with public speaking as they gain confidence in themselves. Below are pictures from our different after school programs ran through After School Matters, as well as their final projects created by our youth!



FALL 2015



Summer 2016