Since 2013, Think Before You Shoot and creator Anthony J. Sturdivant has been making visits to schools and universities sharing his message. Throughout the seminars Anthony has been able to connect with many individuals from many ages and races in may different communities. With each visit Think Before You Shoot mission is to encourage those in the high-risk communities to use their creative voices to encourage change. With our message we also focus on encouraging those who are more fortunate and have the resources to become an impact to those who are in these low-income communities. Together they can all create the change this world desperately needs.


During these seminars our goal is to encourage the youth to focus on what success means to them instead of letting money define them.

we open their minds into a world where their passion, purpose and perseverance can result into the prosperous life they wish for.



we also approach the gun-violence, the influence around us and the RESPONSIBILITY to think before you commit an act of violence or anything that can affect you or anyone else as a result of a bad decision.



most importantly, we leave them with the confidence to believe in themselves and their ideas. we give them the inspiration, the motivation and the positive energy to help encourage change.

our desired outcome is to emphasize the importance of self-education, controlling one's success, applying their creative voices and developing into youth leaders.